Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Taking A Deep Breath: June is Here

June has really crept up on me this year, and I remind myself, and you, to take a step back and enjoy the ticking of the clock. 

It feels as though everything I have done for this year leads up to June; June is the month. The one month out of twelve that could become a make or break for me. It's the month of university results and charity events, it's the month of rushing around and completing forms. It's the month where you only pause to think "oh my god I'm halfway through the year" 

June has never been a pleasant month for me; up until now, where even though the summer heat is lacking in my part of the world, I've begun to take an hour or two out of my day to remind myself of the restful relaxation of the summer to come. 

For instance, yesterday afternoon I sat in my garden with a cup of warm elder-flower and jasmine tea in my favourite Doctor Who mug and caught up with friends over the phone. Stolen moments like these are important for one to just breathe and relax and to not lose sight of what is important. Friends and family, after all, what's the point in grafting hard if you don't have those? 

As I said, before, this June seems to be lacking weather-wise. No hipster-y shots of fields and sun from me in a while, I predict, as I sit in my attic room typing this post out in time to the raindrops that have been falling consistently for over four hours now. This is a slight issue for me as for this month, I have packed nothing but soft pastel sandals or white brick shoes to get me by, however I have been lucky in going for a walk two days ago before the heavens opened. 

I wandered after having suffered train delays around an area of my small town that I had vaguely forgotten existed, only to be disappointed in my whimsical trek because I found that a lot of the woodland that I had played in and explored was being privatized. My only hope is now there are new owners they will not think to destroy the wonderful natural habitat of all kinds of creatures big and small (including children haha!) in an attempt to make more money by demolishing and building a mall or small shopping outlet in its place. 

So this month, remember to give yourself some time to take a walk and feel nostalgic, to catch up with friends and family, to take a moment to diffuse your tea and most importantly, to breathe and keep yourself living. 

Happy June